Hydrosols- Taking the Beauty industry by storm.


Hydrosols are taking the beauty industry by storm with their natural ingredients and their beauty benefits. Often used as a facial toner these hydrosols also offer other benefits such as aromatherapy, deodorants, perfumes and even air fresheners.

These Hydrosols or "flower waters" come in a variety of scents each with their own beneficial properties.

Cucumber-> Cucumber is refreshing and ultra-hydrating. It has peptides in it that help boost collagen and prevent wrinkles, all while smelling super fresh! This hydrosol is a great addition to your morning face routine, cooling down at the beach, or setting that glowing, natural makeup look

Jasmine-> Sweet jasmine is a famously uplifting and luxurious scent (and makes for one of the world’s richest and most delicate hydrosols). It smells of spring and has complex regenerative properties for the skin.

The hardest decision will be which scent to try.

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