Canada Strong

What does it mean to be Canadian? 🇨🇦
We help our neighbours, we support and cheer on our frontline workers. We say sorry and lend a hand. We drink double-doubles. We love butter tarts, poutine and maple syrup. We understand that “Eh?” can be an entire sentence. We know how to stay local and support local. We know how to come together and how to work together. Each and every one of us are strong but together we are #CanadaStrong this is Canada, and #WeAreOrangeville

Cucina- Made in Canada, Back in Stock

A company proudly founded in Quebec, is reinventing the world of body care and home care products by imagining captivating sensory adventures that draw their sources from the nature’s wealth.

We participate in people’s everyday life by offering them little extras that makes all the difference: fragrant body care and home care products, enriched with natural ingredients, developed with respect for the environment and never tested on animals. Unique fragrances, innovative packaging, original and effective formulas: we invite you to experience and unparalleled sensory experience by immersing yourself in a universe inspired by nature.

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Don’t forget to restock your Cucina. . Cucina is made in Canada and available in 4 different scents. 🇨🇦🇨🇦 . Made with olive oil to ensure your skin stays soft and moisturized. Free local delivery. 👏
500ml Hand cream- $16.50
Hand care duo- $34
500ml hand soap- $26
Hand wash refill- $35
Hand cream refill- $16
500ml dish detergent- $9
1L dish detergent – $15
Diffuser oil- $12.50 . .
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Inis the Energy of the Sea

The fresh scent of Inis energizes and makes you feel close to the sea – no matter where you are. A sparkling, clean unisex fragrance that captures the coolness, clarity and purity of the ocean.

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Honey Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray

Trapping odor at its source and leaving behind a sweet, springtime scent. Keep a bottle at home or even at the office, and keep the bathrooms in your life smelling fresh! #PooPourri #HoneyPoo #GiftIdeas #PearHome #Orangeville #HomeDecor #ShopLocal