Pandora available for Curb Side Pick up

Safe and Contactless Pandora Pick up now available!
1- E-mail your order to (replies may take up to 48 hours) – Please give multiple suggestions OR let us know your budget and some information about Mom (or the person you are buying for) and we can give you some suggestions.
2- When your order is accepted payment will be accepted either by e-transfer or by credit card over the phone.
3- Schedule a pick up time OR take advantage of our FREE local delivery service
4- Call when you arrive at the store and your item will either be placed in your vehicle or on a table outside of the store.

** Exchanges will be accepted until June 30th 2020**

Canada Strong

What does it mean to be Canadian? 🇨🇦
We help our neighbours, we support and cheer on our frontline workers. We say sorry and lend a hand. We drink double-doubles. We love butter tarts, poutine and maple syrup. We understand that “Eh?” can be an entire sentence. We know how to stay local and support local. We know how to come together and how to work together. Each and every one of us are strong but together we are #CanadaStrong this is Canada, and #WeAreOrangeville

Make you passions part of your look and collect the charms that say #SomethingAboutYou. #Pandora # Charms

What do you love? Make your passions part of your look and collect the charms that say #SomethingAboutYou. #Pandora #Charms

Pandora Charms

The daisy is a beautiful reminder of thriving in the face of adversity. Style it together with dragonflies, ladybirds or bees for a natural look inspired by freedom and transformation. #SomethingAboutYou #Pandora #Charms

A little daisy by your side: inspiring us to be free to roam. 💍💍 #SomethingAboutYou #PandoraRing #Rings

Single tone styling with charms in Pandora Rose, our 14k rose gold-plated unique metal blend, is always a good idea. 🌹🌹 #SomethingAboutYou #PandoraBracelet #PandoraCharm