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Moncillo Dish Soap

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Luxury Concentrated Dish Soap (473 ml) offers incredible cleaning power without harsh chemicals. Tough on grease, excellent cleaning results on pots and pans. A very small amount goes a long way.

Made from pure essential oils and naturally derived, biodegradable cleaning agents from coconut , vegetable extracts and glycerine. Soft on hands.

Fig & Italian Lemon creates a wonderful light citrus mediterranean aroma.

Sea Salt & Juniper creates a clean ocean fresh aroma.

Avocado Cucumber is a light fruity aroma using natural fruit extracts


Our Italian inspired all natural home cleaning range gives every household the benefits of the highest quality natural home cleaning range available. Made from carefully considered non toxic ingredients to ensure the ultimate cleaning performance for the home whilst protecting the environment.

Ingredients are plant based with no loss in effectiveness or cleaning power.

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