Pheonix Wing Ring TR2411-644
Pheonix Wing Ring TR2411-644

Pheonix Wing Ring TR2411-644

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• Ring for women made of slightly blackened 925 Sterling silver in the shape of two phoenix wings touching
• Artistic design and ornamentation with 86 zirconia stones and gemstones in white and aquamarine blue
• Bottom half of the ring rail decorated with elevated dots

Mythic symbolism: The women’s ring, crafted of slightly blackened 925 Sterling silver, fascinates in a design with love for detail. It is fashioned in the shape of two stylised wings of the mystic phoenix bird, which meet at the ends. The centrepiece is represented by a large, aquamarine blue stone in a drop-shaped diamond cut. Further aquamarine blue stones and white zirconia stones are set by hand and decorate the wing feathers, which are modelled artistically on two levels. As a special highlight, the bottom half of the ring rail is adorned with elevated dots.
The phoenix, which represents the symbol for a new beginning, turns this extraordinary piece of jewellery into a perfect token for special people.

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